(left to right) Dónal Lunny, Andy Irvine, Liam O’Flynn, Christy Moore

After laying the foundation with Sweeney's Men, Planxty was the next natural progression. Considered the great Irish-folk group of the 70's and early 80's, Planxty helped popularize Irish traditional music in Europe and America.

Planxty's first three albums were recorded for Coulter / Martin productions, released by Polydor Records, London, later being acquired by Shanachie Records in USA.

"World and Music" was recorded for WEA Ireland and was also later acquired by Shanachie Records.

"Prosperous" was recorded for Leader Records in London and later acquired by Tara Records in Dublin.

"The Olympia Tapes" were recorded during a week of shows that Planxty did in Dublin. Somehow they fell into the hands of bootleggers who released a double casette. At the instigation of the band an injuction was granted in the High Court and production cased. However, there are still a large number of these items around...


Three Drunken Maidens/Sí Bheag Sí Mhór (1972) -- Ruby RUB 152
(non-LP tracks--Sí bheag..was a different recording to the one on ‘’The Black album’’)

Cliffs Of Dooneen / Yarmouth Town (1972) non-LP tracks -- Polydor 2078-023

Timedance / Nancy Spain (1981) -- WEA IR28207
(12 and 7 inch; non-album tracks; Ireland only)

From The Album The Seville Suite (1992) -- Tara CDS7
(promo EP credited to Bill Whelan featuring edit from 'Timedance '92')


Live 2004 (2004) - Sony
Planxty reunion. Recorded live at Vicar Street, Dublin in January/February 2004. On CD and DVD.

Planxty (1972) -- Shanachie 79009

The Well Below the Valley (1973) -- Shanachie 79010
This was also released with a different cover by Polydor Germany

Cold Blow And The Rainy Night (1974) -- Shanachie 79011

After The Break (1979) -- Tara 3001; The CD contains extra tracks ''Lord McDonald / Chattering Magpie'' and ''Bonny Light Horseman" from High Kings Of Tara LP (1980) TARA 3003

The Woman I Loved So Well (1980) -- Tara 3005

Words and Music (1983)-- WEA X 0101, Re-released on CD by Shanachie 79035

Pirate double cassette "Planxty--Live at the Olympia" stopped by injunction, but quite a lot of copies were made and sold in UK.
Recorded at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin in August 1980

Compilations, others

Prosperous (1971) - credited to Christy Moore -- Tara 1001

The Planxty Collection (1975) -- Polydor 2383 392
gatefold; includes "The Cliffs Of Dooneen" ; a compilation from Planxty's first three albums

Planxty--Live at the Olympia (1980) Pirate double cassette
stopped by injunction, but quite a lot of copies were made and sold in UK. Recorded at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin in August 1980

Aris! (1984) -- Polydor 815 229-1
Released in Ireland only; includes "The Cliffs Of Dooneen" and "Yarmouth Town"

High Kings Of Tara (1980) -- TARA 3003
Irish-only V/A; includes exclusive Planxty tracks "Lord McDonald / The Chattering Magpie" and "The Bonny Light Horseman" ; also includes exclusive Andy Irvine / Dónal Lunny track "General Monroe"

Irish Folk Festival (1986) -- Sound CD 8
Dutch-only CD; includes "Timedance" and "Nancy Spain"

The Seville Suite (1992) - credited to Bill Whelan -- Tara CD 3030
Features exclusive Planxty reunion studio track "Timedance '92"

Nyon Folk Festival (Switzerland) (1980)
Contains live recording of "Smeceno Horo"


A Restropective CD+DVD

Planxty Live 2004 CD

Planxty Live 2004 DVD