(left to right) Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny, Nikola Parov, Bruce Molsky, Rens van der Zalm

MOZAIK is Andy's baby, and it's blossomed into one precocious toddler in the past five years. It's the multicultural equivalent of Planxty. Bronx fiddler and banjo player Bruce Molsky brings the Appalachian tunes, Dónal Lunny is the unquestionable percussive powerhouse of the gathering, on bouzouki, guitar and bodhrán. Bulgarian musical polymath Nikola Parov brings all manner of exotic instrumentation to the mix (including gadulka, gaida, kaval, tin-whistle, clarinet and guitar), and Rens van der Zalm squares the circle with fiddle, mandolin and guitar - and a quintessential Dutch attention to forensic detail in his melody lines.

MOZAIK concert
(left to right) Dónal Lunny, Nikola Parov, Andy Irvine, Bruce Molsky, Rens van der Zalm
photo by Koichi Hanafusa at Star Pine's Cafe, Tokyo in April 2005

Nikola's brilliant video of the recent Mozaik tour. What a happy band we are!


Changing Trains 2007
Latest studio recording in Budapest 2005

Live from the Powerhouse 2004
Recorded live over two shows at The Powerhouse, Brisbane, Australia, 30/31 March 2002.