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Mozaik: (left to right) Dónal Lunny, Bruce Molsky, Andy Irvine, Nikola Parov, Rens van der Zalm
photo by Dianna Snape

Mozaik: Changing Trains

Ireland release: 12 September 2007
USA Release: October 07

Review of Changing Trains
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cover: MOZAIK Live from the Powerhouse

Mozaik: Live from the Powerhouse

 Released April 2004

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April, 2002:  Well, the first Mozaik tour is history but it looks like the beginning, not the end. This Australian tour was so successful and so much fun that perhaps... just maybe... there will be another. And possibly a "live" CD from the concert recordings made last month.  Stay tuned.

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Mozaik - "The Big Idea"  how it all came to be....

   Review -- 26 March - from The Age, Melbourne
   Review --
3 April - from the Canberra Times
   19 March - Andy's journal notes from the road (with PHOTOS)

Dear Andy,

Saw you and Mozaik in Canberra at the National and was among those enthusiastically giving your band a standing ovation at the end of every show. This band stands head and shoulders above any (and I mean any) "folk" band I have ever heard. Simply breathtaking. I hope there will be a CD (several actually) and that this is not the end of Mozaik. I feel this band deserves more than a one month life span. We have been privileged in Oz to have heard Mozaik live. I genuinely hope the rest of the world will one day also get its chance. (And that when it does, you bring the band back here for a reprise.) 

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