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Singles / EPs
Three Drunken Maidens/Sí Bheag Sí Mhór -- Ruby  RUB 152
(non-LP tracks--Sí bheag..was a different recording to the one on ‘’The Black album’’)
Cliffs Of Dooneen / Yarmouth Town (1972, non-LP tracks) -- Polydor 2078-023
Timedance / Nancy Spain (1981) -- WEA IR28207
   (12 and 7 inch; non-album tracks; Ireland only)
From The Album The Seville Suite (1992) -- Tara CDS7
(promo EP credited to Bill Whelan featuring edit from 'Timedance '92')
Prosperous (19721? - credited to Christy Moore) -- Leader/Trailer LER 3015

Prosperous (1972 - credited to Christy Moore) -- Tara TARA 1001

Planxty (1973 -- Polydor 2383 186; also on cassette) CD on Shanachie 79009

The Well Below The Valley (1973) -- Polydor 2383 232 (also on cassette and eight-track) CD on Shanachie 79010 
  This was also released with a different cover by Polydor Germany

Cold Blow And The Rainy Night (1974) -- Polydor 2383 301 (also on cassette and eight-track)  CD on Shanachie 79011

After The Break (1979) -- Tara 3001; with insert; also on cassette) The CD contains extra tracks ''Lord McDonald/Chattering Magpie'' and ''Bonny Light Horseman' 'from High Kings Of Tara LP (1980, TARA 3003)

The Woman I Loved So Well (1980) -- Tara 3005 (also on cassette)

Words & Music (1983)-- WEA X 0101    Re-released on CD by Shanachie 79035

Live 2004 (2004) Columbia 517391-2. Planxty reunion. Recorded live at Vicar Street, Dublin in January/February 2004. On CD and DVD.

Pirate double cassette ''Planxty--Live at the Olympia'' stopped by injunction, but quite a lot of copies were made and sold in UK.
Recorded at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin in August 1980

Important Compilations
The Planxty Collection (1976, gatefold; includes 'The Cliffs Of Dooneen'; also on cassette), a compilation from Planxty's first three albums -- Polydor 2383 392

Aris! (1984, Released in Ireland only; includes 'The Cliffs Of Dooneen' and 'Yarmouth Town') -- Polydor 815 229-1

High Kings Of Tara (1980, Irish-only V/A; includes exclusive Planxty tracks 'Lord McDonald/The Chattering Magpie' and 'The Bonny Light Horseman'; also includes exclusive Andy Irvine/Donal Lunny track 'General Monroe'  Catalog number is TARA 3003

Irish Folk Festival (1986, Dutch-only CD; includes 'Timedance' and 'Nancy Spain') -- Sound CD 8

The Seville Suite (1992; credited to Bill Whelan; features exclusive Planxty reunion studio track 'Timedance '92') -- Tara CD 3030

Nyon Folk Festival (Switzerland) 1980 contains live recording of Smeceno Horo

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