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The pages below contain Andy's (almost) complete discography.

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Andy Irvine  (solo and collaborative projects)
Through all the years of playing with various bands, Andy has maintained his individualism and singular  passion for songs and music that stretch the boundaries of traditional music. Whether it be blending Eastern and Western European traditional music together;  carrying the immigrant and exile songs of the Irish diaspora back to Ireland and around the world; or being a persistent voice for social justice and a reminder of the joys and sorrows throughout our human experience,  Andy has always stood apart. Often called "a tradition all his own," he defies classification and categorization other than as a musician strongly rooted in the traditional music of all people.  

MOZAIK is Andy's baby, and it's blossomed into one precocious toddler in the past five years. It's the multicultural equivalent of Planxty. Bronx fiddler and banjo player Bruce Molsky brings the Appalachian tunes, Dónal Lunny is the unquestionable percussive powerhouse of the gathering, on bouzouki, guitar and bodhrán. Bulgarian musical polymath Nikola Parov brings all manner of exotic instrumentation to the mix (including gadulka, gaida, kaval, tin-whistle, clarinet and guitar), and Rens van der Zalm squares the circle with fiddle, mandolin and guitar - and a quintessential Dutch attention to forensic detail in his melody lines. 

Sweeney's Men
On the front end of the folk revival movement in Ireland, Sweeney's Men helped shape a generation of music that was defining a new identity and pride for  traditional  music. Sweeney's Men is considered a "seminal" band for it's unique presentation of traditional ballads, pub songs and tunes, juxtaposed with American folk songs of hard times and social justice. 

After laying the foundation with Sweeney's Men, Planxty was the next natural progression. Considered the great Irish-folk group of the 70's and early 80's, Planxty helped popularize Irish traditional music in Europe and America. 

Patrick Street
What can be said about Patrick Street except that they are some of the "best of the best" in Irish traditional music.  It started as a grand project to bring four "masters" together for a single tour, but that was over twenty years, many tours and ten albums ago. © 2000-2012
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