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Way Out Yonder

Way Out Yonder Released in January 2000.  Far from just being a solo project, Andy gathered some of his favorite musical friends to add their talents to this great set of songs and tunes.
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1. Gladiators MP3
    background notes & lyrics
2. Moreton Bay MP3
    background notes
3. They'll Never Believe It's True /
    Froggy's Jig MP3
    Background notes & lyrics
4. The Girl I Left Behind MP3
    notes & lyrics
5. Way Out Yonder 
    background notes
6. The Highwayman 
    notes & lyrics
7. When The Boys Are On Parade MP3
    notes & lyrics
8. On A Distant Shore
    background notes
9. Born in Carrickfergus
    notes & lyrics

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Andy Irvine - Vocals, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Hurdy-Gurdy and Harmonica
Rens van der Zalm - Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Tambura, Bass Guitar
Lindsey Horner - Double Bass
Maire Breatnach - Viola
Cormac Breatnach - Low Whistle
Dermot Byrne - Accordion
Steve Cooney - Spanish Guitar, Percussion and Kalima
Declan Masterson - Uilleann Pipes and Low Whistle
Liam O'Flynn - Uilleann Pipes and Tin Whistle
Nikola Parov - Gadulka
Brendan Power - Harmonica
Lynn Kavanagh, Mandy Murphy, Phil Callery - Backing Vocals 2000-2012
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